>>> COSVEX 2 STARTS ON : 24th JANUARY 2022 <<<


Markanızı rakiplerinizin önüne taşıyarak yeni iş bağlantıları oluşturun ve satın almacılarla bir araya gelin!

Katılımcı Olun
More Advantageous 3D Stands

As Cosvex, We organized a 3D Virtual Exhibition that eliminates the concept of distance and is no different than a physical exhibition, even more advantageous.

B2B meeting rate is higher and provides access to wider geography and markets.

Preparation time is much shorter and its cost is much less than physical Exhibition.

In addition to the newest, most exciting products and innovations, Color cosmetic, Makeup, Personal Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Dermocosmetic, Hygiene and Cleaning Products, Pharmaceutical & Medical Care, Mother & Baby, Perfumery, Natural Products, Chemical, Packing & Machinery and for more, discover innovative designs in many areas.

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